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IMG_8266I can’t say I have ‘travelled far and wide’. But I have ticked off a modest number of destinations on my highly ambitious explorer’s list. And with that to counterbalance my judgments, I remark; No sight has ever aroused the passive romantic in me quite as much as you have.
Ooty, my love, you are still the most precious jewel in my crown.

The magic you yield on me might have something to do with the long wait I endured before I first met you. And how! An early morning bike ride up the hill, thanks to a kind friend of mine. I was hardly dressed for the cold, it had afterall been an impromptu trip, one that I did not believe in delaying anymore. My summer tunic and Denim three-fourths were no match for your frosty welcome. But despite feeling chilled to the bone, I could not help but fall in love with you right then and there.

And since then, everytime I come visiting, your beauty brings me to my knees, often leaving me literally breathless. And each time I leave, I do with a promise to see you soon again.


If someone were to ask me today what I find the most attractive about you, I would be lost having to choose between the way the wind washes over my soul with soothing eucalyptus oils as soon as I cross over the fence, or the way you blow silver mist down the hills to touch my face in playful welcome. Or maybe it is the charm of an old English town that you nestle, which refuses to die down in all the emerging modernity. Or it could simply be the beautiful spread of constellations you lay out on stark cold nights, a surreal sight to the beholder on your side of the Blue Mountains.

I sometimes dream about your untimely rains, that leave you drenched in sublime shades of green, and the shroud of mist that follows, tucking you in for a shivery night. That is probably when you look the most beautiful, or so the pluviophile in me argues.

You have shown me the most beautiful Golden Hour and the most romantic Full Moon Night. I delight everytime I stumble upon little coves or creeks when out venturing in your woods. They always feel so personal and precious.
The taste of coffee with your morning rays and that of wine with a view of your horizon, are therapeutic combinations I would recommend to anyone with an ailing heart and who is in search of better days and reasons to live.


From your valleys I have unearthed some of my best memories. In your bosom I have found inspiration and strength to face life’s hardest struggles. The times you taught me how to connect with myself and find unity in your grandiose, can never be forgotten. These are only a few of the prized memories you have gifted that I keep locked in my treasure chest.

Yes, admittedly, there have been nights you kept me awake with your foggy nightmares and rude surprises. But my love has learned to see past that, into the blue horizons and the wonders you hold there.

Some would suggest a backpack through the Himalayas or the Swiss Alps or Andes to cure my blind adoration for your beauty. And I concur, visiting such magna opera can surely leave me charmed and smitten with infatuation.
But they would still only be beautiful places to tick-off my ever expanding list.

Yours is the only one I can come home to. And nothing can take that away from me. No.
Queen you shall remain, in my Wanderer’s Castle.