Let’s pause here and take a look;
I have a kaleidoscope to share

Place it over my shoulder and see
Hazy days disappear into a maze
A cherry blossom and a willow kiss
Scarlet orbs born from its core
Little fishes in blue-green jars
Devour each other in timeless desire
Pages and pages of blank sheets
Or a story written in invisible ink?
Spiral motifs of intricate emotions
Make way for the scion of light

Now point it to the stars and behold
A purple lotus unfolds; what a sight!
Windows unlock heavenly doors
And fiery dreamwalkers gather in
Knights on stallions take stations
Their eyes on a chromatic bugle
An ivory quill and beads of fire
Adorn every marching soldier
A heart of gold in a yellow sea
Swimming in psychedelic circles

Time to lock the third eye away
And keep walking the walk.

(Inspired by a mid-summer night’s dream)