For almost two months now, I have been prepping a little corner of my room, transforming it into a cross between a Workspace and an Escape from Mundanity.  Having gathered a small assortment of quirky knick-knacks to go with the Nucleus – and by far the most serious piece of furniture in the room – the Study Table, I have now carved out a Cave for myself.
This is where I spend most of my Me Times. It is both a resting place for my gears and an oasis of inspiration for the days that I run dry. I do not consider it a finished work, for I know that with each passing day my mind sprouts new ideas that could grow into a very personal thought or ideology to believe in. Hence, I would keep bringing in more tenants to share this limited space. Also, I expect to replace some of these chattels somewhere down the lane, when they have worn out their charm and significance.

But for now, this tiny space in this world, makes an earnest attempt to reflect me truly. And I wish to share a glimpse of the beautiful things that surround me on most nights when I am writing one of these pages.



Stubbornly Calm: On days that I find it hard to concentrate on my work, this humble figurine reflects the peace within me, that I must strive to channelize.


Strains on Strings: From the chance ringing of the Noah Bells that hang on my doorway to sets of practiced chords yet to be born out of a forgotten instrument, Music keeps me alive. The guitar and the bells remind me of the stories waiting to be told, unsung melodies waiting to be written.




















The Bookshelf: Not much needs to be said about the books I dwell with. This little shelf at the corner of the Cave holds not only the pages that I look forward to spend time with, but also the ones that have had a great significance in the Story of My Life. Presently understanding the Buddha through the words of a ‘former Roman Catholic religious sister’, as Wikipedia informed.


Elephant in the Room: Call it Art, call it Tradition, call it adding Colour, call it a silent Prayer, call it even an act of Faith. My spiritual journey has its humble beginnings. And so it shall inevitably be a part of who I am.


Words: My cave is littered with words. Words from my course books that promise me a secure tomorrow. Words from my diary that make my thoughts coherent. Words from my favourite authors that tempt me into a Time Slip. And words, scribbled on my post-its, reminding me how good I am at remembering!


Illumination: An obsession with Lights. I have always been fascinated by lights, natural and man-made, its hues and tones, and how it can paint my emotions right. I also belong to the breed of humans who enjoy sitting in a dark room with a single source of sombre light. I think this obsession might be the ancestorial equivalent for my highly unpredictable photography sprees.


The Willow Hoops: Something that I learned to love, not because of the beauty or charm of the ornament itself, but for what it now represents. A second chance.