The universe speaks to us silently everyday.

It’s messages are powerful enough to set us sail on uncharted waters, or pull us out of blind disbelief. It can keep us trapped inside a memory or release us into a timeless existence.

Sometimes it comes to teach and sometimes to rescue. And then there are other times, when it comes to remind you of something that you had forgotten, something that you always knew but never accepted.

The language couldn’t have been simpler. Yet it remains mostly unheard, largely ignored and often misunderstood. It reveals itself in front of us in every moment. But only those who believe in them or seek them out, truly understand it. Blessed are the ones who have found their voice amongst the stars.


For there are others, like myself, who chose to see and believe only what we hoped.
We are blinded by our desires, and choose to ignore them or dismiss the messenger all-together. We fear opening ourselves up to these signs. We are either afraid of reading too much into it or afraid of letting it change us in ways we are not yet ready to accept. Sometimes it might take our darkest hours to awaken our senses and converse with the energy around us, that has been trying to reach out.

This voiceless messenger has been with me since I can remember. Guiding me while I took my first steps and broke my first rules. Through all the rights and wrongs, it stayed with me, non-judging, patient and hopeful. It remained my companion for long on this journey that I set out, with a promise to listen. But over time, my instincts got the better of me and I paid less and less attention to its messages. They blew over me like a lifeless wind as I stepped over the broken mirrors and the broken fences.

But it was still out there, leaving bread crumbs behind so that I could realize and follow one day. How I’ve trampled upon many of those trails in my mad search for meaning and direction.

In time, I realized there was only so much you can go without neither a map nor a compass. And having learnt that the hard way, I sought out my old companion. I searched for it in every forgotten song, in every kind stranger on the road, in all the unopened books on my shelves and in every prayer I heard.

It revealed itself again with so much generosity, that I wished to drown myself in self loath. It had always been there. It was I who had been too blind to see.

And now I remember, what I had always known, that which I had temporarily forgotten. I also realize that it is time to continue our journey from where I had gone astray.

I am reminded how life has always been about moving on from one beautiful thing to another, and never about staying. It was about continuing the journey and not setting camp along the way because the view was breathtaking.

Of course, you must pause, catch a breath, enjoy the sights and engrave it in your soul, so that it forms a part of your beautiful memories. But sooner or later, you have to leave. That moment might have been yours, but if you have learned all that you can from it, you must set it free and let it touch other lives like yourself.

You must leave, so that life can surprise you with new adventures.

You must leave, so you would face new battles that strengthen you.

You must leave, so you would know just how beautiful and precious some of life’s moments are.

You must leave, so you leave your mark somewhere.

But you must leave, knowing that happiness is in leaving.


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly.”

I remember these words as I look at a beautiful green butterfly fly right into my hands.